Why move house when you can extend your home instead?

Finding the right house for you and your family is hard work. Moving house is expensive, exhausting, time-consuming and stressful. Close enough to the “good” schools, near enough to the nice shops, quiet road, parking, considerate neighbours, within budget… the wishlist can seem neverending and compromise is often necessary.

If you are lucky enough to find a property that ticks all those boxes, you don’t want to let it go.

Estate agent fees typically account for over a third of house moving costs.

So why move home when you’ve got it all already? The commute is great, the kids are happy, the neighbourhood is clean and safe and you love your house -but it’s just that small matter of space — you’re starting to run out of room and there’s only so far a “does it spark joy?” declutter Marie Kondo style will get you.

If you’re yearning for your own home office away from the kitchen table and breakfast crumbs, or perhaps you’ve got teenagers and they’ve turned your kitchen-diner into a cacophony of chatter, never-ending meals and constant fridge raiding or perhaps you simply want somewhere of your own to relax and take in the garden views. Whatever the reason for wanting to extend your home, we can help.

Moving home is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce or even a new job

At Cool Buildings, we offer the full turnkey service across London and the south-east of England — a design & build service like no other. From the 3D drawings we supply to help you truly visualise your new home addition, to the project management of your extension using our own in-house experienced and friendly building team. Our attention to detail and the care and effort we take is what makes our customers so happy. At Cool Buildings, we love what we do and we want you to love it, too.