Permitted development

If your home is in the UK, not located within a conservation area, and is not listed nor otherwise restricted, your Cool Buildings home extension may fall under what is termed “Permitted Development”. Permitted Development allows homeowners to extend their property within certain parameters without first seeking planning permission from their local authority. The following upgrades to your home are allowed under the Permitted Development scheme:

Single-storey extensions measuring no more than 4 metres in depth and 4 metres in height

Single-storey extensions measuring no more than 3 metres in depth and 4 metres in height.

Single-storey extensions measuring no more than 3 metres in depth and 4 metres in height

If your proposed Cool Buildings single-storey home extension does not fall within the Permitted Development regulations then we will require full Planning Permission from the local authority, which will be prepared by our Design and Planning Officer and submitted on your behalf.   Applying for and securing planning permission can be a daunting task for some homeowners. Criteria can vary between authorities and each application is unique and decided on its own merits. Based on our experience within your local area Cool Buildings will advise on what we think is likely to be accepted and our in-house planning officer will then liaise with the local authority to get the best outcome on your behalf. Key considerations will be the local authority’s own planning policy and previous precedent in addition to your own plans.

We don’t just take the utmost care with your home, we do our utmost to look after your neighbours’ too!  If your home shares a wall with a neighbour (eg a terraced or semi-detached house) and you are proposing to either cut into that ‘party wall’ or dig foundations within 3 metres of the neighbouring property, you must first serve a party wall notice upon them.

The party wall notice gives your neighbour the opportunity to appoint their own Party Wall Surveyor and have a formal Party Wall Award drawn up. The Party Wall Award documents the existing condition of your neighbour’s property before any works are carried out, and will act as a point of reference in the event that any damage is caused by the work.

Your neighbour can also simply consent to the notice you have served, which would avoid the need for a formal award, but if an award is required you will be responsible for the costs for both surveys. You must have a signed Consent Notice of a formal Party Wall Award in place before Cool Buildings can undertake any work. This is, of course, something Cool buildings are well versed in and we will happily undertake procurement of the agreements on your behalf if they are required.